MARCOIL is a hidden MARkov model-based program that predicts existence and location of potential coiled-coil domains in protein sequences.

An exact description of the model is in preparation and should soon be submitted for publication preliminary version was presented as a poster at ISMB2000.

The utility of a prediction program is often best judged by experience gathered in using it and we would welcome comments or suggestion for improvements.

The code can be downloaded here:   Marcoilcode.tar.gz

(On a Mac you might need to use the option key while clicking on the links to download as files, under UNIX the shift key)

It was tested under UNIX and LINUX and can be compiled using the included makefile that calls the gcc compiler. A file with Instructions for Installation and Usage is included in the distribution and can be read online: README.html

For testing a database of positive examples with annotated coiled-coils ( databasePD.gz ) and a database of sequences from PDB ( databaseND.gz ), from which coiled-coils were eliminated, have been used. Lines that begin with a "<" contain information on the sequence like accession number or identifier or additional information. Lines that begins with a ">" contain the coiled-coil annotation we used (the number of domains followed by first and last position of each domains). This line is followed by the protein sequence. .

An older existing Macintosh version could be made available on request, but has at present no user interface.

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